Gigi's Fabulous Costume Jewelry - Spring Collection

Be Frugal...Be Fabulous...Be You without going broke!

Due to the current supply chain/shipping crisis, items are selling out quickly.  I will email you if you selection is out of stock and offer substitute item.  If you do not approve the substitute, I will refund the price of the product.  Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon!

Some find it hard to believe that you can actually buy beautiful, well-made costume jewelry at such low prices. I have spoken to many women who have been 'burned' by pretty, but poorly constructed $5 & under jewelry.  However, getting the most for your dollar is what my company is about. Many of the pieces I sell are made of acrylic; a versatile product used to make many different products, not just jewelry.  What I love about acrylic is that it is light weight, durable and is used to create gorgeous styles. 

The product photos simply cannot capture what the human eye discerns. I have heard from many customers that the pieces they purchased are much prettier in person and I agree. If you have purchased some of these beautiful pieces, please add a Product Review.  Thank you!

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